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What makes Michael Geist's Yard Works different than many of your run of the mill Lake Mary Sod Installation and Sod Repair companies is that we have taken the time to become certified in Turfgrass Mgmt through the University of Georgia and Certified in Best Mgmt Practices through The University of Florida! 
Why should that matter to you as a Lake Mary homeowner looking to purchase Sod for your home? Because the process of repairing or installing Sod in Lake Mary is not a inexpensive process, so why hire someone who may or may not truly understand which cultivar of turfgrass will perform well in your landscape? Why not call Michael Geist's Yard Works and arrange for a visit to your property to obtain accurate quotes and suggestions on what sod should be used given your homes exposures and shade or lack there of.  

What Type of Sod should be used in your Lake Mary Lawn?

While it is true that most lawns in the Central Florida area are installed with St. Augustine Sod, it is important to not only know that there is more than one cultivar (type) of St. Augustine Sod and each type of sod may perform better or worse in your lawn given a number of factors including but not limited to the amount of shade the property receives during the day and how much direct and indirect sunlight is given in any particular area of your lawn.
There are actually other types of sod that maybe approved by your HOA and/or that may work better for your Lawn and how your family uses it. Or maybe you want the superior look of a sports Sod like Empire Zoysia Sod or Celebration Bermuda Sod. The important thing to know is that each of these types of Sod with perform differently in your Lake Mary lawn.  
It is not uncommon for us to suggest using two different types of St. Augustine or Zoysia Sod for installation on your home or businesss. Knowing the proper cultivar to use and why is only setting your up for long term success of your Sod Installation.
If you are interested in Empire Zoysia Sod for your Lake Mary home and would like a free estimate or just a reference to see if Empire Zoysia Sod would work in your lawn in Lake Mary , please use the contact form on the left of this page to set an appointment today!

What Sod will perform well in my Heathrow FL lawn

There are many types of sod used in the Central Florida area. The most common one is St. Augustine. Inside of St. Augustine we have many cultivar to choose from with one of the most common for full sun applications is a sod known as Floratam. For Shade applications your lawn may be better served with Palmetto Sod or Seville Sod but there are many many Sod cultivar that are available! Please Feel Free to use the following creditable links to learn about some of the more common sod cultivar that may be used in your Sod Installation.
What about Empire Zoysia for my Lake Mary lawn?
While Zoysia Sod is still considered the new kid on the block for installing in your Sod Installation , more and more has become known about it over the last several years of being use in Lake Lawn Installations. 
This new Zoysia Sod is not the miracle sod it was first advertised to be, however, that does not mean it is not a great Sod to use in your Lawn Installation. In particular Empire Zoysia has proven to be a quality Sod that can offer you a soft on the feet feel grass that many home owners that grew up north are accustomed to. If properly taken care of Empire Zoysia can take on the look of a very well manicured lawn which resembles an award winning Golf course. With all that being said there are a couple things that you should understand. 
Not all Zoysia Sod is equal. Empire Zoysia cultivar is most likely the best choice for your Central Florida lawn. However that does not mean another Zoysia Sod cultivar would not perform well in your home Sod Installation . 
What you should know is that Zoysia Sod is not all that it has been marketed to be. 
While it has been marketed as drought tolerant by Empire, more and more research from both the University and from actual field experience has shown that if you want a green lawn, you will be applying ounce for ounce at least the same amount of water as you will with a St. Augustine Lawn.

While Empire Zoysia and Zoysia as a whole have been marketed as chinch bug resistant, it should be noted that Empire and other Zoysia Sods will be prone to pest such as the Hunting Billbug and Mole Crickets so a pest control company is generally still advised to care for your Sod Installation in your Central Florida Lawn. And just because Chinch bug do not prefer Zoysia Sod at this time, it does not mean they will not adapt and seek it out in the future! 

Empire Zoysia and Zoysia sodded Lawns make a great Lake Mary lawn for those of you that plan on actually being active on your lawn. They generally are more superior in holding up to foot traffic and pets than St. Augustine Sod Installations would be for your Lake Mary Home. Contact me today using the form on the top left of this page today to schedule an appointment to see which type of Sod is correct for your Landscape and Lawn.