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As a Landscape and Lawn Maintenance company who offers sod installation in Oviedo, Winter Park and Lake Mary , Heathrow and surrounding areas, we frequently come across the question, “which Sod is best for me? It is always important that you take the time to figure out what Sod will work best for your residential landscape. We are a Sod Installation and Repair Company that can help you with that ,however, here are some key points to consider if you are leaning towards sod for your Central Florida Lawn Lawn.

Site Condition:
Central Florida has the perfect climate to allow several varieties of sod that will perform well through both the winter and summer months in your Central Florida Landscape. Sod varieties such as St. Augustine and Zosyia now have a proven track record of providing long lasting and great performing lawns assuming the sod type is properly chosen for the lawn conditions and its environment and exposures.  For example St. Augustine Floratam Sod has been proven to perform well in many Oviedo Lawn's and maybe even your neighbors lawn,  but that does not mean that it is the correct type of sod to use in your lawn.  Why will that Floratam maybe not perform well in your lawn but work in your neighbors Lawn just fine?  Site conditions including Shade could hinder the performance of Floratam Sod in your lawn.  If your lawn has too much shade St. Augustine Floratam  sod will most likely not perform well in the shade and will most likely start declining the day it is installed in your lawn.  However proper turf type selection such as maybe a more shade tolerant St. Augustine such as a Palmetto sod selection will help ensure that your investment in your Landscape and Lawn will be one that thrive for years and years to come.  Not all Sod companies in the market are aware of this or care to ensure that the proper selection of sod is made to ensure the lawn term success of your Oviedo lawn and its landscape!

The worst thing you can do is have a lawn with sitting water. Make sure you have a landscape with a graded slope to direct water away from your house and landscape. During sod installation, a final graded surface can be smoothed over to create the perfect lawn. We are more than happy to suggest improving your landscapes grade to help not only your Lawn and Landscape perform better but possibly help you avoid issues related to water pooling during storms.

Sod installation for your Oviedo Lawn will help make your current Landscape have a improved look, but if you do not figure out why your lawn failed before, then you will most likely be replacing sod again in the not so distance future.
Having a quality lawn maintenance service which performs proper mechanical practices and which are aware and follow best management practices will ensure your sod in your Oviedo Lawn will thrive for years to come. Please inquire about our Lawn care maintenance service while we are on your property for sod installation.  We will ensure your investment in your Landscape will thrive for years and years.    

Watering / Irrigation 
After the sod has been installed, minimal maintenance is needed to get your sod established. We typically recommend ensuring the piece of sod and the soil directly below it remain most until the sod's roots have started to grab (they give you tension when you try to lift).  We have seen people not water their sod installations enough and stress the sod in their lawn out and we have seen people that drown their new sod installation and provide so much water the sod literally becomes a fungal mess and struggles to adapt to the new landscape.  Proper watering will ensure your Sod installation turns into a great looking Oviedo Lawn in a couple of weeks.

Use or Traffic
Knowing what sod will hold up to how you use your Oviedo Landscape and lawn will play a critical part in how well the lawn performs in the long run.  For example if you have large dogs or you and your children are very active on the lawn, chances are that St. Augustine is not going to be a sod choice that gives you a lawn that will thrive under the uses you use it for, however, other sod types like maybe Bermuda or even Zoysia Sod may lead to a longer, healthier lawn for you in the long term.   

Give us a call today as there are too many factors to discuss here along as well as conditions that must be seen first hand to ensure you have beautiful Central Florida Lawn and Landscape. 

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